ARAMBOL seems to be a secret of Goa, left unexplored.

Arambol, this mysterious place has incredible and happening beaches and shacks.
I visited this place in February and was charmed by these sweet water lakes; where people were having a bath & relaxing.
This place has indeed been very famous & surrounded by foreigners, as they claim to stay there for almost 6 months at a stretch.
It’s a hub for Russians & ghastly it is unfathomed by Indians.

People stay there for soulful yoga & ayurvedic treatment as well as training.
I witnessed a number of beach huts wherein in these foreigners reside.
Also, in the end, you can take a 40 minutes trek to visit an Arambol baba ; who lives up in a mountain and is encircled by many foreigners.
And to conclude I evince you to go, explore & have fun.
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