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An Awe-inspiring Journey Through My Lens.

Leh Ladakh is commonly known as the ‘little Tibet’, ‘broken moon’ or ‘the perfect holiday destination’ of India.large_Pangong_Lake_47
It is a frozen land with stunning scenery and quaint mountain-views.
Fairly, a paradise in the lap of the upper Himalayas.
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Leh Ladakh is a cold desert with less of green, but it is compensated by the wide range of colours; also the hue and intensity of the place change with the weather and time of the day!
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Located in one of the most breathtaking spots, Ladakh takes advantage
of the mountains, the poplar trees and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
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The fresh water streams, chilling breeze, luxuriant forests, snow clad mountains and the calm surroundings are the gifts of this place.
The location is exquisite, and the grace is maintained by the local inhabitants (blend of various ethnic communities).
Not to forget the entertaining camp fires that depict the folk dance forms and the culture of Ladakhis.
It also has extreme historical significance.
The Pangong lake banks are extremely famous as a camping site.
This site is made for nature lovers, campers and adventurous people.
Ladakh is also a home for passionate riders; many bikers travel here as this place has innumerable routes immersed between various hillocks and valleys.
The essence, ambience, and food are simply extraordinary.
The markets of this place have a lot to offer and are famous for art, paintings and handicrafts.
This destination is entitled as inspirational, adventurous, heavenly and is praised by countless travellers.
The stay remains etched in our memories forever.
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auli 1Nothing can ever be as breathtaking as Auli.
This place should be a must on your bucket list!
The journey is mesmerizing; roads winding over the hills with hairpin bends giving you the feeling of an exciting, adventurous journey ahead with unadulterated scenic beauty all the way.

Joshimath to Auli rope-way is Asia’s longest ropeway which takes 20 minutes for Joshimath to Auli.
Gurson meadows are a popular destination for tourists.
You can enjoy a new trek to a new mountain everyday or simply enjoy some hot food over-looking the most stunning and magnificent views!
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Auli is best suited for folks who are serious about skiing. Auli hosts “Winter Sports Tournaments”, because of which it has some nice facilities and arrangements available for training and for tourism.
auli 2

It is the largest and the most magical valley in India.
spiti 1
This place is extremely famous for peak climbing, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, zip line, etc.
It is covered in ice almost throughout the year and hence doesn’t possess any hotels, rather there are a few homestays.
spiti 2
Homestays – provide you with a clean and comfortable room in a local house.
The views are stunning: barren mountains, beautiful monasteries perched on high cliffs, a river, and the odd green patch here and there!
IMG-20160411-WA0007Filled with pure air, green trails and peaceful nature, Kanatal, is a small village in the Tehri Garwal range.
The best accommodation is in a tent with a panoramic view of mountain-forests.
Camping and witnessing snow clad mountain ranges of Bandarpunch, Kalanag and Swargrohini, named after Lord Shiva was one of the most beautiful experiences ever.
Agriculture is the main occupation and the land found here is the most fertile for vegetation- cauliflower, garlic, potato and carrots are widely grown in the Shivalik ranges.IMG-20160411-WA0018
Long untiring walks and late night bonfires are unforgettable. Ensconced amidst nature, the altitude threatening to alter your balance, pleasant weather and lush beauty made for a perfect holiday.

almoraThe place with an hypnotising view – Almora
The architecture and landscape here is secluded with a quiet and undisturbed surrounding.
A mystic and romantic atmosphere always engulfs the hills.
This place looks illuring during spring.
It has an amazing bazaar (market) that stretches through kilometres and is on the top of the hill and bent on both sides, popularly called – ghoda bazaar; because of its shape depicting a saddle.
almora 2There are alot of running water streams in the valleys of this three tier city.

kausali 2Kasauli illustrates nature in its best form.
The beauty of this place includes the sunset, beautiful ambience, floating clouds and the mouth-watering food.
Excellent place to relax and unwind from hectic city life.
Besides cleanliness, the refreshing air, the scenic beauty and the speaking trees add charm to this place.
On a solo trip, with friends or with family, this is the ideal place to go to!


satyam-shivam-sundaram (2)
It is an excellent getaway, tucked away from the noisy city.
This serene, cozy and clean; zero-waste home-stay has grown organically into a semi-jungle retreat.
It is five minutes away from the highway and connects to the beaches.
It is a spectacular place for nature lovers.
The rooms are spacious and the installed solar energy system & LED lights give a rustic look. Every room has a different layout with a different theme including a tree house.
And if you love photography, you can have some of the best shots here.
satyam-shivam-sundaram (1)
The efficiency of this place including the staff is impressive.
The ambiance is inviting and the delicacies served are enjoyable.
Even without an AC or TV; this place is surprisingly refreshing.
The resort offers activities such as indoor games.
There is also a peaceful, virgin lake at about 30 mins uphill trek.
It is a heavenly place that soothed our souls.
It enabled us feel one with nature.
We would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an idyllic trip to get away and leave the modern world behind for some peace of mind.

This place fairly – Camping made easy.
It was an off-beat experience with an enchanting landscape view.
Pitching our tents and playing games like the treasure hunt took us back to our childhood days.
A dip in the fresh flowing river and a trek in the nearby forest was fun.
Chilling along the bonfire, recollecting memories or just sharing the untold stories was a very unusual yet desired experience. The self-made barbeque food was delicious.
The sunrise was warm and beautiful.
Not to forget, this place is pet-friendly.
It is a perfect getaway during weekends or holidays.


It was a peaceful, pure and calm- rural getaway.
Especially for people who wish to take a peaceful break from their hectic and stressful urban life.
The resort has a source of fresh spring that oozes water throughout the year.
One of the beloved things about this resort is their food.
Overall resort is a paradise for nature lovers, Peace seekers, Bird & Macro photographers.
The atmosphere is that of a village- chicken, ducks and turkeys roaming freely, the fish pedicure, a swimming pool, play area and tons of greenery.
This magical, mystic natural place is recommended for both kids and adults.

This beach is more like a secluded private beach, with very few visitors around. The sand is clean and the water is fresh, dirt-free.
It is highly recommended for adventure lovers.
Sitting on the verandah and gazing at the beautiful sea or watching the Sunset is blissful.
This place is extremely famous for Malvani cuisine and seafood.
Late night walks on the beach, with a chilling breeze; is one of the best experiences ever.
It is similar to the serene beaches of Thailand.
Overall this place is relaxing and fun-filled.
Honestly, it is worth the hype.

This guesthouse is clean, quiet, and lush green.
The location is very picturesque.
A treat for nature lovers with spacious rooms nestled in a locale having fantastic views of the water bodies and hills around.
It is also very well-maintained.
There are a lot of activities within the resort to keep you occupied.
Evening tea and breakfast was served musically, with Sitar and Tabla.
Dinner; served with along with a karaoke night.
It is indeed a perfect holiday destination for leisure and to spend quality time with family and friends.


Waking up to a healthy mind and body every day since the past ten years has enhanced my lifestyle and revitalized my stressful routine.
Yoga purely means the union of an individual with his soul.
Yoga includes concentrating on our breathing technique also known as meditation as well as systematic exercises and self-development techniques for body, mind and spirit.
After visiting all these ashrams , I have summarized my experience in a few words. Every place has its own story , but a similar elation.
As a yoga enthusiast , these are my favorite kind of articles, and I hope you enjoy reading it .


dscn0660It was a solitary experience to practice yoga in a charming and an enticing place situated on the top of panchagiri hills on the southwest of Bangalore.
The aashram was sacred and calm, with extreme positivity around me.
I couldn’t fail to notice the beautiful architecture of this place. With glazed eyes , I walked through the lanes and witnessed the inviting sound of SATSANG.
Later i also practiced the most illustrious element of The Art Of Living – the SUDARSHAN KRIYA.
The sudarshan kriya is a cadenced breathing technique that helps release the negativity in our emotions, our thoughts, our breath and our bodies.
After the kriya and the yogasanas my body felt relaxed and energized!
Since then I don’t fail to visit that place , for a break from my strenuous life.

parmarthThis place is located in the “City of divine”, and many pilgrims are drawn here, from all around the world.
It is a holy place is built on the banks of rivier ganga.
As I entered this place, my attention was drawn towards the beautiful landscape , surrounding the niketan.
The clear flowing Ganga, the majestic mountains, and the lush green forests were awe-inspiring.
The scenery was captured in my mind, now and forever.IMG-20160320-WA0000I practiced yoga , which indeed cleansed my soul and later went for the ganga sunset aarti , surrounded with sacred energies.
They also host the grand international yoga festival on the first week of march , every year, where thousands of yoga enthusiasts come and learn yoga , meditation and prayanam.

bihar school1This place is built on a hill overlooking the ganga river in Munger, Bihar.
It is a school that teaches the various techniques of yoga to households and sanyasis. There is also an aashram located nearby.
The ambiance of the ashram was simple and pure.bihar schoolI was inspired as I watched young children and devotees from all around the world perform yoga asanas so well.
They taught meditation in a very pleasant and joyful manner.
It was an ecstatic experience and I am keen on visiting there again.

ishaThe Isha yoga center is situated at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains Coimbatore district in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India. The founder were Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudevji.
This center had a architecturally distinctive Spanda Hall and garden, which were well constructed .
I was attracted by this place as they offered yoga in the most soothing and effortless way.
isha1I also witnessed a unique and powerful energy-form sitting under a pillar-less 250,000-brick dome structure to perform my yogasanas.
My aura was filled with positivity and enthusiasm.
The experience was one of a kind.

oshoooThis is a very unusual place, for yoga and mediation lovers.
It was a very attractive and vibrant place with luxurious spas and teeth parks for meditation purposes.
The ambiance was inviting and blissful.
Further, I experienced the beautiful Basho spa meditation & then took a dip in the Jacuzzi.
I also visited the shopping center and the teeth park.
This place was an experience of relaxation and fun , both.
oshooLastly in the evening I enjoyed the evening meeting , of dance, celebration, and silence; with the essence of meditation.
Not to forget, the food here is not like any other regular ashram would provide, this resort includes cafes and restaurants.
They not only provide WiFi services, but also have various events for an entertained nightlife , such as- Parties, Active and Dance Meditations, Full-moon meditations beneath the stars, Videos, Cinema, Theater, Variety shows, Creativity nights and Occasional Classical music performances.


patanjaliIt is one of the largest yoga institutes in India and is located in Uttrakhand, Haridwar.
I was glad to see the Patanjali ayurveda college, it is a study and research facility provided for young and old students and there are various ancient books being restored and digitized in their library.
Further I visited the Yog Bhawan; which is a huge auditorium, where thousands of participants practice yoga, pranayama and meditation together.
Patanjali Yogpeeth-III also went to the Panchkarma & Shatkarma Centre is a centre where up to about 1,000 people can perform and participate in panchakarma and shatkarma therapy.
It was a delightful and short visit.

kaivalyadhamaThis ashram is built on 180 acres of parkland.
It is surrounded by an enchanted hilly landscape and the environment was chilly.
This place consists of a health center , a research center and a yoga college.
The place offered a charming experience of natural and relaxed yoga.



‘Hey wassup?’ a ping read on my Whatsapp. It was a dull thursday afternoon and the load of the busy week had started to catch up. The ping was pretty routine. I get it every week from my loved ones. It just means ‘What are we doing this weekend?!’. I promptly replied “Yes,lets do something this saturday”. A few ideas were exchanged and we finally decided to go on a sea voyage.
And all of a sudden the dull afternoon came to life, there was something to look forward to. It’s just so amazing how anticipation can relieve stress and lighten up your mood.
Saturday morning finally arrived and we were waiting for our yatch at the Gateway of India, while in awe of the beauty of the Taj Hotels and how resolutely it stood through difficult times.
The morning was perfect: The sun glimmered and the pleasant breeze of the Arabian sea hit our faces ever so smoothly. The excitement couldn’t have been higher and couple of minutes later we found ourselves on a yacht sailing our way happily to the historical Elephanta caves.
The yacht was blissfully calm. It took us away from the humdrums of modern day life, the uncertainties, the fears. We were glad to see tall buildings of Mumbai sink gradually below the horizon.
We began to admire the sounds of waves splashing our yacht and the endlessness of the ocean marvelled us. The moment stood still and we hoped to capture it forever.

Expense starts from 7000 INR onwards.

For further bookings contact book it tours.



Few years back, after my graduation in journalism; there I was, aiming to become a professional, working my ass of each day and striving for all the success.
And one fine day after work, I decided to quit my job. Through all these years I had discovered my passion for traveling and my love to explore new places. Although it was a harsh decision; I decided to follow my heart.
I started the ground work of opening a travel agency. All these years, my family stood by me and helped me through all ups and downs that I came across. Also, my sister (my colleague) supported me through all the struggles I had to face in order to set up this company. And finally BOOK IT TOURS happened.
And here I am today, proud of myself as I turned out to be a successful entrepreneur, a photographer, a globe-trotter & an avid traveler.
Traveling itself has given me – high level of inspiration and I believe it is healthy for my soul. It can be a stress buster, an escape from all the hustle bustle of life , or a lie changing experience.


After studying from NIFT , not only was I a fashion designer but also a philanthropist  & a yoga meditation trainer since 10 years.
Some of my fondest childhood memories involved travelling and being away from home. I always fancied the concept of being in a new, unexplored place.
As time passed by, I turned into an adventurer and a enthusiastic wanderer.

It has been around 6 years now; I and my sister are now successful travel consultants.
We have now started a blog so as to create travel awareness and to share our experiences with all you beloved people.