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satyam-shivam-sundaram (2)
It is an excellent getaway, tucked away from the noisy city.
This serene, cozy and clean; zero-waste home-stay has grown organically into a semi-jungle retreat.
It is five minutes away from the highway and connects to the beaches.
It is a spectacular place for nature lovers.
The rooms are spacious and the installed solar energy system & LED lights give a rustic look. Every room has a different layout with a different theme including a tree house.
And if you love photography, you can have some of the best shots here.
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The efficiency of this place including the staff is impressive.
The ambiance is inviting and the delicacies served are enjoyable.
Even without an AC or TV; this place is surprisingly refreshing.
The resort offers activities such as indoor games.
There is also a peaceful, virgin lake at about 30 mins uphill trek.
It is a heavenly place that soothed our souls.
It enabled us feel one with nature.
We would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an idyllic trip to get away and leave the modern world behind for some peace of mind.

This place fairly – Camping made easy.
It was an off-beat experience with an enchanting landscape view.
Pitching our tents and playing games like the treasure hunt took us back to our childhood days.
A dip in the fresh flowing river and a trek in the nearby forest was fun.
Chilling along the bonfire, recollecting memories or just sharing the untold stories was a very unusual yet desired experience. The self-made barbeque food was delicious.
The sunrise was warm and beautiful.
Not to forget, this place is pet-friendly.
It is a perfect getaway during weekends or holidays.


It was a peaceful, pure and calm- rural getaway.
Especially for people who wish to take a peaceful break from their hectic and stressful urban life.
The resort has a source of fresh spring that oozes water throughout the year.
One of the beloved things about this resort is their food.
Overall resort is a paradise for nature lovers, Peace seekers, Bird & Macro photographers.
The atmosphere is that of a village- chicken, ducks and turkeys roaming freely, the fish pedicure, a swimming pool, play area and tons of greenery.
This magical, mystic natural place is recommended for both kids and adults.

This beach is more like a secluded private beach, with very few visitors around. The sand is clean and the water is fresh, dirt-free.
It is highly recommended for adventure lovers.
Sitting on the verandah and gazing at the beautiful sea or watching the Sunset is blissful.
This place is extremely famous for Malvani cuisine and seafood.
Late night walks on the beach, with a chilling breeze; is one of the best experiences ever.
It is similar to the serene beaches of Thailand.
Overall this place is relaxing and fun-filled.
Honestly, it is worth the hype.

This guesthouse is clean, quiet, and lush green.
The location is very picturesque.
A treat for nature lovers with spacious rooms nestled in a locale having fantastic views of the water bodies and hills around.
It is also very well-maintained.
There are a lot of activities within the resort to keep you occupied.
Evening tea and breakfast was served musically, with Sitar and Tabla.
Dinner; served with along with a karaoke night.
It is indeed a perfect holiday destination for leisure and to spend quality time with family and friends.